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SC 14i

Capacity: 1400kg
  • Lift height: Up to 4200mm
  • Ideal combination of stacker & forklift
  • Features of a sit-down style forklift without its high costs
  • Can handle any type of loads
  • One vehicle for all operations
Engineering excellence:
  • Easy operation: Control and operational simplicity
  • Enhanced safety: Switch which simultaneously cuts-off power supply to motor and actuates parking brake
  • Speed Control: Micro processor based motor controller for precise and stepless throttle control
  • Safe handling of loads: Mast tilt allows better load handling
  • Drive unit: The fully closed oil lubricated gearbox is integrated with a 1.5kW motor. The drive unit design offers an extremely easy wheel and tyre shift
  • Electric System: Single 24V cross-mounted battery of capacity 420 Ah/5h
  • Hydraulic system: 2kW pump motor with an integrated reservoir. Steel piping connects hydraulic components. Brake valve is inserted to control lowering speed
  • Quick battery change: Standard battery rollers facilitate quick and effortless replacement


Total Operator Comfort

Ergonomically designed handle for enhanced steering comfort.

Easy Maintenance

Modular drive unit, hydraulics and electronics ensure easy access for service.

Mast Tilt

Tilted cylinder allows for safer movement of loads.

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