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ST 15i WC

Capacity : 1500kg
Lift height : 3600mm – 6000mm
  • Suitable for stacking wide pallets and higher loads at hights
  • Designed for warehouses to achive higher capacities at higher hights
  • The wide carriage eliminates the requirement of side stabilizers while ensuring stability
  • Triplex mast with higher lifting speed is available as an option
Engineering Excellence
  • Easy operation: Control & operation simplicity
  • Enhanced safety: Switch which simultaneously cuts-off power supply to motor and actuates parking brake
  • Speed Control: Micro processor based motor controller for precise and stepless throttle control
  • Drive unit: Fully closed oil lubricated gearbox integrated with 1.5kW 3Phase AC induction motor
  • Electric system: Single 24V cross-mounted battery of capacity 330 Ah/5h, 240Ah / C5
  • Hydraulic system: 2kW pump motor with an integrated reservoir. Steel piping connects hydraulic components. Brake valve is inserted to control lowering speed
Total Operator Comfort

The new ergonomically designed handle enhances steering comfort.

Rider Comfort

Vibration damped stand-on platform which automatically returns to vertical position through springs.

Quick Battery Charge

Standard battery rollers facilitate quick and effortless replacements.

Control panels

All the controls are easily accessible.

Clear visibility

Wide & Robust mast for enhanced and clear visibility.

Visual Indicator

Beacon is provided as an optional feature for a visibility from long distance to know the presence of the equipment.

Easy Maintenance

Modular drive unit, hydraulics and electronics - easy access for service and maintenance.

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