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TT 50i S

Capacity: 5000kg
  • Designed for operating in narrow aisles
  • Wider steering ¬†handle allows the operator to make quick turns
  • Stand on option makes it more onvenient for operators to get down and order pick the items briskly
  • An ideal truck for multi-point pick, move and transfer operations in production lines
Engineering Excellence
  • Unmatched traction & braking performance
  • Unique axle design
  • Simple and efficient drive mechanism with helical gear train
  • Dual steering wheel mounted on precision sealed ball bearings to minimise floor friction and tyre wear, assuring maximum foot print
Transmission Unit

The unique design of the drive axle offers an exceptional traction and braking performance.

Ease of Operation

This ergonomically constructed truck comes with an adjustable seat which in turn enhances visibility and comfort level of the driver resulting in an overall rise in driver's efficiency.

Battery Replacement Flexibility

Built in options of rolling out & lifting by crane are available for quick & effortless battery replacement.

Easy Maintenance

Modular design ensures easy access for service and maintenance.

Operator Safety & Comfort

The wide handles ensure quick turning. Forward and reverse switch controlled by the thumb and emergency switch that cuts of power supply to the motor are at arms length.

Flexible Tow Coupling

A multistage tow coupling provided at the rear enables trouble free coupling.

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