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Capacity: 2500kg
  • Semi portable lift tables, mounted on locating cradles and wear plates
  • Extreme low profile provides added versatility for ground level loading/unloading operations
  • Flexible to be installed anywhere in the factory or warehouse
  • Dolly can be provided to move the lift table to various locations
Velocity Fuse

Precision safety velocity fuse on cylinders to prevent platform free fall.

Control Panel

Wall mounted control panel with push buttons

Safety Limit Switch

Limits excessive travel, thus protecting cylinders.

Power Pack

Motor rating varies from 1hp-10hp. Valves are cartridge type to ensure zero leakage.


Hardened rollers with bearing for long and noiseless operation.


On board pendent ensures flexible lift and lower operations.

Scissor pins

Integrated scissor pins with nylon pads for free and precise scissor movement.

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