Airport Mobility Solutions

Our wide range of airport mobility solutions including the Maini Buggy is a cutting-edge upgraded vehicle that propels you towards a brighter, more sustainable future. This innovative drive offers the freedom to prioritize nature over pollution, empowering you to provide superior service to your customers while taking your business towards environmentally conscious practices.

Driven by an intelligent electric system, the Maini Buggy represents a revolutionary approach to transportation, boasting a zero-emission powertrain that significantly reduces its carbon footprint. Its design focuses on thoughtful ergonomics, ensuring not only eco-friendliness but also utmost comfort during operation. Moreover, this vehicle's intelligent engineering, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, positions it as the most efficient, cost-effective, and easily maneuverable means of transportation within enclosed campuses.

Airport Trolley Tug - ATT5

Experience ease in airport luggage transportation with this first-of-a-kind product in India.

  • Ideal for Airports:
    The compact design allows for efficiency in airport operations

  • Safe Operations:
    Enhanced safety with features such as a dead man’s pedal

  • Varied Applications:
    Ideal for surveillance in large campuses, warehouse pickups and towing applications

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