Maini Materials Movement’s range of Stackers is designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety, and optimize returns. Our comprehensive portfolio has something for every application, accounting for different space limits, load sizes, floor conditions, operation time, and other needs. Maini's command over innovation, engineering, and design is fortified by its commitment to quality and dedicated service. 

In line with its legacy of innovation, Maini Materials Movement’s Stackers excel through advanced electronic control, ergonomics, and maneuverability. Ensuring enhanced workflows and boosted productivity, Maini Materials Movement’s Stackers are a value addition now as well as in the long run.

Manual (MS 10)

Minimize effort for short distance material transportation.



1000 kg

Lift Height Upto

1600/2500 mm

  • Maneuverable:
    Smooth manoeuvring with easy-movement wheels

  • Ergonomic:
    Ergonomic handle for swift operations

  • Effortless:
    Ideal for busy gangways, with a small turning radius and compact design

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Professionals working in logistics and manufacturing are aware of the role of stackers. They significantly impact space utility and improve the efficiency of production output. Maini Materials provides a practical solution to all stacking-related issues. Our range includes counterbalance, manual, semi-electric, and battery-operated stackers.

Understanding Industrial stackers

Stacking is the process of augmenting moving or storage space in storehouses. It makes the manufacturing process smoother within limited space. Stackers are industrial machines used to organise products.

Maini manufactures different kinds of stackers:

Each stacker has its own stipulations and specific function areas, making it essential to choose the right one for your needs.

Why choosing stackers from Maini Materials Movement is a good idea

Maini Materials Movement's range of stackers includes semi-electric and battery-operated stackers. Features of Maini's stackers include:

  • - They augment productivity,
  • - Ensure operator safety and maximise returns for the company,
  • - They meet different space requirements, loads, types of floors, duration of operation, etc.

Semi-electric and battery-operated stackers are a must-have for any business. They can significantly enhance a business's production module by offering increased efficiency, reduced operator fatigue, and improved safety.

Types of stackers

Stackers currently utilised in the industry come in four variants -

The 4-seater and 6-seater golf carts stand out, armed with characteristic features. These include features like :

  • Counterbalance stackers
  • Manual stackers
  • Semi-electric stackers
  • Battery-operated stackers

All our stackers are customised to suit the specifications of a particular industry or sector. Whether you need a stacker for heavy-duty operations or a compact one for small spaces, we can tailor our stackers to meet your unique requirements. Each stacker has its stipulations based on the type of function it performs, ensuring optimal performance in every situation.

Semi-electrical stackers

Our semi-electric stacker uses a powerlifting function to raise, shift, and lower loads. It is ideal for small areas. It is helpful in small shops and showrooms to arrange goods occasionally. Our semi-electric stacker comes with a lot of features like:

Compact size — Being smaller, it is handier than a forklift and cost-effective. Its compactness also makes it easily manoeuvrable.

Easy to use - Being semi-electric, it does not need a special license for operation or training.

Our semi-electric stacker is efficient and eco-friendly. It does not exude exhaust gases, making it environmentally friendly and safe in enclosed areas. Choosing our stacker improves operational efficiency and contributes to a cleaner, greener environment.

Varying load capacity - It can lift or lower a load of up to 1000 kg from a height of up to 2500/3300 mm.

Low strain usage - It has an FRP cover to contain shelf weight. Thus, the semi-electric stacker reduces most of the strain on its operators.

Safety features — The foot brake keeps the semi-electric stacker stationary when lifting or lowering heavy loads.

Battery operated stackers

Our Battery-operated stackers are completely electrically operated and require no manual effort. They are useful for storing and retrieving pallets in warehouses with vertical storage spaces. They make storing and retrieving pallets in such warehouses easier. Our stackers have the following qualities:

Versatile - These battery-operated stackers offer high flexibility when handling specialised loads. This adaptability empowers you to easily handle a wide range of materials, enhancing your control over the material handling process.

Easy navigation - Smooth steering through narrow spaces makes battery-operated stackers an industry favourite.

Last longer - Battery-operated stackers work on an electrical charge and have high residual capacity. They last longer than a semi-electric stacker.

Safety to use - Operating Maini’s battery-operated stacker is a secure experience. Our stacker is equipped with features like an automatic power supply cut-off and a parking brake actuator, ensuring complete safety for its operator. This emphasis on safety instils a sense of security in the workplace.

Programmable controller — The battery-operated stacker has a controller with a programmable microprocessor. It provides variable speed control, which can help you select the right throttle for the load.

Varying load and height capability — Battery-operated stackers have a lifting or lowering capacity of up to 1500 kg and can easily reach heights of 6300 mm.

Battery-Operated Stackers - Variants

Maini offers many variants of battery-operated stackers, each with a specific purpose. These variants are:

  • ST 12
  • ST 15
  • ST 15 SS TELE / FFTL
  • ST 15 W TELE/ FFTL
  • ST 15 WC TELE / FFTL

The sturdy ST 12 battery operator stacker is ideal for intensive use and can perform multi-shift operations.

How our Battery-operated stackers can benefit your business

Using Maini’s battery-operated stackers has many advantages -

  • - They provide a cheaper alternative to the expensive industrial forklift.
  • - Help workers move greater loads in a shorter period, increasing their efficiency and productivity.
  • - Its ergonomic design dramatically reduces operator fatigue, which increases the work output.
  • - It reduces manual labour. Battery-operated stackers ensure a safe environment for workers within manufacturing units or warehouses.

Companies and warehouses are producing many items with incredible efficiency and speed. Proper storage space has become crucial. Factories and warehouses must adjust to this increasing number of commodities within the limited storage space.

Material handling equipment solutions such as the battery-operated stacker help optimise existing space. They help organise goods in warehouses while maintaining high efficiency and load-bearing capacities. Maini Materials provides the best material handling solutions for all your specialised needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a battery-operated stacker?

It is a material handling machine with an electric motor that lifts and moves pallets in a warehouse.

2. What is the most excellent lifting height of a battery-operated stacker?

Battery-operated stackers can reach a height of 6300 mm with great ease.

3. What are the safety features of Maini’s battery-operated stackers?

Maini’s battery-operated stackers have an automatic power supply cut-off and a parking brake actuator, which aid in safer operations and prevent accidents.

4. How to maintain a battery-operated stacker?

Regular maintenance increases the life and efficiency of a battery-operated stacker. Maintenance includes regular inspections, ensuring lubrication, and regular tracking of battery levels.