Our transportation solutions are an efficient and simple mode of transporting palletized loads on the shop floor. Available in both Manual and Electric-Operated versions, pallet trucks come in different variants to suit desired applications. 

Maini Materials Movement’s floor transportation range enables effortless transfer of heavy loads in your shop floors and warehouses. This range includes the quintessential Electric Pallet Trucks and Electric Platform Trucks, designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety, and optimize returns. The streamlined design and small turning radius make it ideal for operating in narrow passageways. Ease of maintenance makes it your best choice for the long run.

Hand Pallet Truck

Look for embossed MAINI logo for genuine products. Simplify your operations with customized fork sizes.

Hand Pallet Truck


  • PV25 SS/G
  • PV20 EWS


2500 kg

  • Easy Maintenance:
    Easy to maintain, with 12 lubrication grease nipples on movable parts

  • Enhanced Productivity:
    Manual heights lift for efficiency and versatility in operations

  • Operator Comfort:
    Smooth operator functionality to perform heavy-duty tasks with ease

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Growing your business effectively with Hand Pallet Trucks

A company's success depends on how well it uses its resources. A well-managed handling and distribution system can significantly contribute to this process. It saves the handlers time and effort and ensures their safety at the workplace. Material handling equipment like a hand pallet truck plays a significant role in establishing a balanced system.

About Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are a quintessential piece of material handling equipment (MHE). They find use in warehousing, storage, and manufacturing. Depending on their utility and operator functions, there are different kinds of MHE, like the battery-operated pallet truck and hand pallet truck.

Hand pallet trucks are simple, sturdy machines that do an excellent job of efficiently moving heavily loaded pallets across short distances.

Battery-operated pallet trucks are electrically powered and have high speeds. They can move thousands of pounds of weight quickly.

Battery Operated Pallet trucks

Battery-operated pallet trucks are mechanised tools for lifting and shifting pallets in and around the warehouse or storage unit. Some of these models have an inbuilt platform. It allows the operator to stand while moving the pallets.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Using MHE, like hand pallet trucks, can make your business thrive. By easily manoeuvering and hauling heavy loads from and to the loading dock, your productivity will increase.

As a business grows, efficient movement of goods to and from the warehouse becomes necessary. For this purpose, pallet trucks (especially hand pallet trucks) are a perfect addition to the existing MHEs. Maini offers a wide range of hand pallet trucks to benefit your business.

Defining features of Maini’s Hand pallet trucks

  • Maini Materials offers customisable hand pallet trucks with different fork sizes.
  • The hand pallet trucks offered by Maini have a load capacity of up to 2500 kg.
  • Equipped with 12 lubrication grease nipples on the movable parts, Maini hand pallet trucks are easy to maintain.
  • They offer versatility of function, increasing overall production output.
  • With its smooth operator functionality, it makes heavy-duty tasks easier to accomplish.

Variants available in Hand Pallet trucks

Maini offers two variants of their range of hand pallet trucks.

Their first variant of Hand Pallet Trucks, PV 25 SS/G, is perfect for damp and corrosive environments. Made of stainless/galvanised steel, it is highly durable.

Their second variant, PV20 EWS, has a built-in weighing scale and a printer to print receipts.

Benefits of using Hand pallet trucks

Hand pallet trucks from Maini have many uses across industries for material handling and pallet transportation. There are many advantages of using our hand pallet trucks. They are :

  • 1. They are helpful for easy-load transportation. They are used to organise heavily loaded pallets in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and logistics operations.
  • 2. Versatile: They can handle different types of pallets and can be adjusted to suit different sizes and configurations.
  • 3. Easy to operate: Since they operate manually, they require minimum effort to manoeuvre and can be operated easily with very little training.
  • 4. Compact in size: Because of their small size, they can easily navigate tight spaces and narrow aisles, making them ideal for use in warehouses with space constraints.
  • 5. Cost-effective: They are more affordable, easier to maintain, and offer a cost-effective movement solution for occasional material handling.
  • 6. Efficient: By moving heavy loads quickly and easily, loading and unloading goods, they increase workers' efficiency.
  • 7. Safe to use: The hand pallet trucks have features like safety brakes and ergonomic handles, making them safe and comfortable.
  • 8. Durable: They can withstand heavy-duty work and are long-lasting.
  • 9. Manually operated: They are versatile and convenient since they don’t need to be recharged or refuelled.
  • 10. Easily accessible: They can load and unload goods at ground level without needing docks or ramps, making them ideal for businesses without dedicated loading bays.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are pallet trucks suitable for?

Pallet trucks handle stock in warehouses, load transport vehicles, and receive goods.

2. How do I choose the best pallet truck to suit my needs?

You can decide based on the load you need to handle and the type of pallets you use.

3. Where can I view the entire range of pallet trucks made by Maini?

To download the brochures of the variants offered in our Pallet trucks, visit us at

4. What types of pallet trucks are manufactured by Maini?

Maini offers a wide range of pallet trucks, Including hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, scissor hand pallet trucks, and Electric platform trucks.

5. What is the load capacity of a pallet truck?

Maini offers various pallet trucks with load capacity varying from 300 Kg to 5000 Kg.

6. Are different pallet trucks used to perform additional functions?

The basic functioning of all pallet trucks remains the same. The only difference is in the manner of operation (manual or electric) and additional features like design, speed variation, etc.

7. How are the electric pallet trucks powered?

Depending upon the model, Maini’s electric pallet trucks are powered by Lithium-ion batteries and a programmable microprocessor-based controller.