Maini Buggy – Taking Hospitality to the Next Level

Date of post : 22-Aug-2016

The key to success in the hospitality sector is impeccable service and comfort. Maini Buggy caters exceptionally well to the exacting standards of the industry calling for an efficient mode of transportation for guests, staff, F&B and supplies in hotels, spas, and resorts. Maini Buggy offers models with special storage systems and facilities such as carriage boxes, multi-level shelves, and temperature-controlled cabinets customized for specific needs.

Maini Buggy offers solutions for:

     1.  TRANSPORTATION -For guests and luggage
            ·         Collapsible fold-over seats for flexible transport
            ·         Options from 2 to 14-seater
            ·         Front-office guest transfers
            ·         Ample room for guest luggage

     2.  F&B - For Room Service & Outdoor Catering
            ·         Designed in compliance with industry standards for carrying food items
            ·         Warming cabinets with thermostat controls and stainless steel cladding
            ·         Well-insulated cold cabinet with shelves

     3.  UTILITY - For housekeeping, disposal, maintenance & cargo
            ·         Specially designed clothes hanger
            ·         Dirty linen cabinet with open top for easy access
            ·         Converted HDPE garbage disposer             
            ·         Tilting facility for easy access and off – loading
            ·         Specially designed for on-campus maintenance
            ·         Provision for carrying tools, spares, portable ladders  and other maintenance equipment
Maini Buggy also comes with option of Music system, beacon, bumper, Rain Canopy, Wiper and 2000 body color to choose from.