Buggy/ Golf cart

Maini Buggy, a leading player in the space of eco-friendly people movement for more than a decade is now a part of MMM. Powered by an intelligent electric drive, Maini Buggy ushers in a revolutionary way to travel. Its smart design and engineering combined with state-of-the-art technology have made it the most efficient, cost-effective, and easily maneuverable medium for driving within enclosed campuses.

Over the years Maini Buggy has been successful in creating solutions for varied market segments like Airports, Hotels and Resorts, Real Estate, Hospitals, Railway Stations, Heritage Sites, Park and Zoos, and Campuses with Educational, IT, Manufacturing, Government Secretariats and Defence Institutions amongst others.


Minimise effort for short-distance material transportation.



18 kmph

Battery Options

Lead acid/Lithium ion

  • Aesthetics:
    VIP Mats, ABS body, Leather seats, 3D branding, Trendy colors

  • Ergonomic:
    Steering mounted controls, High raise hand brakes

  • Safety:
    Emergency stop, seat belts, reverse buzzer, safety beacon, proximity sensor.

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