Loading & Lifting

Maini Materials Movement offers a diverse array of Loading and Lifting Solutions designed to revolutionise material handling capabilities effortlessly. At the forefront of innovation, our Dock Levellers stand as the country's pioneering design, guaranteeing smooth transitions between warehouse floors and vehicles, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency. 

Complementing this, our robust Scissor Lifts provide reliable elevation solutions, accommodating various load capacities and enhancing operational flexibility. Furthermore, our customisable Freight Lifts cater to specific industrial requirements, offering tailored solutions that streamline movement within facilities, optimising productivity and reducing downtime.

Dock Leveller

The first of its kind in India, this dock leveller by Maini is designed to support high loads under tough conditions.



6000, 9000, 12000 and 15000 Kg

  • Split Lip Arrangement:
    A unique split lip design, suitable for varied truck widths

  • Title Facility:
    Compensate canted conditions when the truck is titled due to uneven weight loads, avoiding tyre damage while ensuring safe operations

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Scissor lifts and dock levellers are a common sight in the logistics industry. Scissor lifts come in handy to elevate personnel or materials in a work area. It is a mobile platform that can rise and lower with the help of crisscross beams. The movement of these beams resembles that of a scissor, giving rise to its name. Scissor lifts are perfect for applications requiring a vertical raising and lowering motion.

Areas of application of a scissor lift

A scissor lift, also known as an elevated work platform, serves various purposes both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor utility -

They can:

  • Fix high ceilings in schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, and warehouses.
  • Be used for working on plafond applications.
  • Lift or lower pallets and other heavy objects inside a warehouse.

Outdoor utility -

Their outdoor applicability includes -

  • Maintenance and repair activities - They are used to clean gutters, fix roofs, check AC pipes, etc.
  • Filming and recording outdoor events—Scissor lifts help record outdoor events like music festivals. They make filming from a higher angle possible, providing complete coverage while providing a safe platform.
  • To fix high power lines - They provide a stable podium for the electrician and his tools, a safe option for reaching high places.
  • To install signage - They are handy for installing signage in public places like roads. These could be commercial signage or warning signage for roadblocks, etc.

Choosing a scissor lift

To get the most out of a scissor lift, you must keep the following points in mind:

Altitude - Scissor lifts are available for a wide variety of heights. The height of your project should be the primary deciding factor for buying a scissor lift.

Size of the platform — The type of platform you choose is also a crucial factor. Miscalculation might lead you to get a scissor lift with a smaller or bigger platform.

A small platform will make it easier for the workers to carry the necessary tools, and a bigger platform might not fit your work area. The best solution is to opt for a scissor lift with an expandable platform.

Location of working space — The scissor lift you use will depend upon the location of your work. If you are working indoors, your scissor lift should have no emissions and not leave tyre marks in the area of the project

Your needs will change if your work area is outdoors and has rough terrain. You might have to opt for a four-wheel drive option for smoother, jerk-free work output.

Load capacity — This is yet another critical consideration. Your scissor lift must be heavy-duty for projects involving many tools and workers.

Nature of work - Your work will be the final deciding factor. For working on ceilings, your scissor lift will have to be one that can reach heights. If your working area is a warehouse, you will choose agility to move through narrow aisles. Here, height will not be a point of consideration.

Reasons to choose Maini Materials Movement (MMM) scissor lifts

  • We provide a wide range of specialised scissor lifts. They can support a weight of up to 10,000 kg and rise to a height of 3000 mm.
  • Our scissors lifts have a very robust design. It supports a strong scissor lift arrangement.
  • Our scissor lifts are very durable and low-maintenance. Their platform attaches to the main body, preventing it from waving or getting loose even after prolonged use.
  • Our product line also includes dock levellers applicable inside and outside warehouses.

Features of Maini’s dock leveler

  • Maini’s dock leveller has a unique split lip design, making it adjustable for a wide range of truck widths.
  • Our dock levellers have a title facility. These dock levellers balance the uneven load from tilted trucks unloading weighted loads. This ensures the safety of operations for personnel and prevents the trucks' tyres from getting damaged.

Dock levellers vs scissor lifts

Dock levellers cover the gap between the loading bay and the docked vehicle. A scissor lift raises or lowers merchandise upwards or downwards.

A dock leveller is attached to the company’s loading dock door. It provides a level surface for vehicles to quickly level when giving or taking deliveries. A scissor lift is mobile. It can move inside a warehouse or an outdoor area.


Are getting quality output, safe operability, and efficiency your end goals? Then Maini’s Scissor lifts and dock levellers are your best bet. Whatever your specifications are, Maini's Scissor lift and dock leveller meet them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are dock levellers and scissors lift the same thing?

No. Dock levellers cover the gap between the loading back and the vehicle, and scissor lifts raise or lower merchandise.

2. How much weight can Maini’s dock levellers handle?

Maini’s dock levellers can handle four varying ranges of loads of 6000 Kg, 9000 Kg, 12000 kg and 15000 Kg each.

3. How much weight can a scissor lift manage, and up to what height?

A scissor lift can lift weights to 10,000 kg. They can rise to a height of 3000 mm.

4. What is the work output of a scissor lift?

A well-maintained scissor lift can give you a work output of 500-750 hours.

5. Are Maini’s scissor lifts safe to use?

Yes. Our Scissor lift’s platform fastens and secures to the main body, making it sturdy, safe, and durable.