Redefining the Art of Towing Maini Materials Movement presents the Next Generation Tow Truck (TT series) with advanced features to make your towing operations easier and more convenient than ever before.

Powered by Maini AC technology, the TT series comes with an excellent capacity of up to 8 tons to meet the demanding applications for both indoor and outdoor operations. The series has proven reliability in industries, warehouses, airports, and campuses while exhibiting unparalleled performance. 
The new Electric Power Steering coupled with a small turning radius, is ideal and safe for operating in narrow aisles. The sheer power of the drive system provides quick acceleration and smooth towing capabilities while being noiseless.

With Maini in your manufacturing facility, you can always make light work of heavy loads.

Electric Tow Trucks

Tow trucks that ensure efficient and safe towing operations across aviation sectors.

Electric Tow Trucks


  • SIT ON


2000/5000/8000 kg

  • Rugged Metallic Exterior:
    Full metallic exterior for safety in harsh environments

  • Front and Rear Load Dampers:
    Offers a smooth and stable ride, keeping in mind operator comfort

  • Digital Multifunction Display:
    Real-time information on all parameters with quick diagnostics for troubleshooting

Other Products


There is more to an industry than manufacturing items. A significant part of the production aspect involves moving and storing the material. Equipment like scissor lifts, stackers, and tow trucks play a vital role in these industrial activities.

Material handling equipment is the most commonly used equipment across various sectors. It makes moving and storing goods easier and ensures minimal damage to materials and products during production.

Material handling equipment contributes to increased work output and reduced costs. They help avoid accidents while moving heavy loads to and from warehouses and other storage units.

Material Handling Equipment Offered by Maini Materials

Maini Materials understands the importance of having good-quality MHEs. We offer a wide variety of MHEs to our clients. Each MHE meets the specific requirements of a particular industry or sector. Though they have specialised functions, they are universal enough to find applications across enterprises. Our umbrella of products includes equipments offering solutions for :

1. Towing — Maini’s next-gen tow truck series has revolutionised towing in India. Each model in the series has earned the reputation of offering smooth performance and high reliability.

They have features like noiseless functioning and quick acceleration. Our range in this series ensures that the towing process is smooth and effortless.

2. Loading and Lifting — We provide a range of options for relocating and stocking material. All our equipment is user-friendly, meets every industry specification, and makes material handling effortless. We offer elevation solutions with varying load capacities.

Our range of Material handling equipment for loading and lifting includes scissor lifts. They help find adequate storage space within units with space constraints. They make lifting and lowering heavy material in warehouses easier for workers. When workers handle significant loads easily, overall productivity increases. They increase the cohesiveness of operations manifold.

3. Transportation - These material handling equipment deal with moving products to and from loading docks to storage units like warehouses. They also include material movement from one place to another within an enclosed structure.

Our transportation solutions include pallet trucks and their variants, as well as electric platform trucks. These designs boost industrial productivity. By significantly reducing the physical strain on labour, more work gets done in less time, increasing efficiency. Thus, MHEs play a pivotal role in optimising returns.

4. Stacking — Our stackers help organise the process of stocking and storing material. Our stacking solutions offer ideas for the best storage space usage, allowing even small warehouses to serve as suitable storage units. Equipment like stackers makes it possible to use vertical space for organised and increased storehouse storage. It eases the process of storing and retrieving goods.

We are market leaders in providing stacking solutions and offer different stacking equipment. Our stackers come in many variants based on their method of operation. Whether you need a manual stacker, a semi-electric stacker, or a battery-operated stacker, we have a model best suited to your needs.

5. Airport mobility — We at Maini provide mobility solutions for Airports. Our models, Airport Trolley Tug—ATT5 and Airport Buggy—are used extensively at Terminals. They are equipped with excellent ergonomics, advanced safety features, and a compact design, making them suitable for airport operations.

Whether you are a big business or have limited resources, the right kind of MHEs can significantly increase your revenue. Is your company looking for increased efficiency, reduced working costs, improved safety at work, and MHEs that are adaptable in their uses and applications? Choose from the broad spectrum of MHEs offered by Maini Materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is material handling equipment?

Industrial-grade equipment is often used to move, store, and protect goods. This equipment is termed Material handling equipment. It streamlines operations and improves the orderliness of work output.

2. What are the main types of material handling equipment?

MHEs include a wide range of equipment, including storage and handling equipment, equipment for handling bulk material, and engineered systems.

3. . What is material handling equipment used for?

MHEs are primarily used for towing, stacking and lifting goods. They include tow trucks, lifts, etc.

4. What is the primary function of Material handling equipment?

All MHEs primarily aim to load, unload, and store goods. They also aim to sort and separate goods based on certain specifications.