Maini Materials Movement’s range of Stackers is designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety, and optimize returns. Our comprehensive portfolio has something for every application, accounting for different space limits, load sizes, floor conditions, operation time, and other needs. Maini's command over innovation, engineering, and design is fortified by its commitment to quality and dedicated service. 

In line with its legacy of innovation, Maini Materials Movement’s Stackers excel through advanced electronic control, ergonomics, and maneuverability. Ensuring enhanced workflows and boosted productivity, Maini Materials Movement’s Stackers are a value addition now as well as in the long run.

Manual (MS 10)

Minimize effort for short distance material transportation.



1000 kg

Lift Height Upto

1600/2500 mm

  • Maneuverable:
    Smooth manoeuvring with easy-movement wheels

  • Ergonomic:
    Ergonomic handle for swift operations

  • Effortless:
    Ideal for busy gangways, with a small turning radius and compact design

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