Redefining the Art of Towing Maini Materials Movement presents the Next Generation Tow Truck (TT series) with advanced features to make your towing operations easier and more convenient than ever before.

Powered by Maini AC technology, the TT series comes with an excellent capacity of up to 8 tons to meet the demanding applications for both indoor and outdoor operations. The series has proven reliability in industries, warehouses, airports, and campuses while exhibiting unparalleled performance. 
The new Electric Power Steering coupled with a small turning radius, is ideal and safe for operating in narrow aisles. The sheer power of the drive system provides quick acceleration and smooth towing capabilities while being noiseless.

With Maini in your manufacturing facility, you can always make light work of heavy loads.

Electric Tow Trucks

Tow trucks that ensure efficient and safe towing operations across aviation sectors.

Electric Tow Trucks


  • SIT ON


2000/5000/8000 kg

  • Rugged Metallic Exterior:
    Full metallic exterior for safety in harsh environments

  • Front and Rear Load Dampers:
    Offers a smooth and stable ride, keeping in mind operator comfort

  • Digital Multifunction Display:
    Real-time information on all parameters with quick diagnostics for troubleshooting

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