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Maini Care, our Customer Delight Wing, serves as a single point of contact for our customers. It embodies our legacy of nurturing customer relations, delivering value, and setting the pace for growth.

Springing from our Group Philosophy, our motivation lies in a Customer-Centric approach to holistically create and customise solutions, harvesting a long-term relationship of prosperity.

We offer structured training schedules and regular knowledge development programs to ensure each employee of the Maini Materials Movement  keeps up the promise to delight customers with our products and services. Your Equipment Is Our Responsibility!

Your Equipment Is Our Responsibility!


<p><strong>Boosting performance</strong></p>

Boosting performance

Keeping operations running and up to date is essential across sectors. We ensure the equipment performs its best through regular maintenance.

<p><strong>Uptime and availability</strong></p>

Uptime and availability

Our main objective is to reduce your downtime to zero, to which effect we constantly work towards maximising the efficiency of your equipment throughout its life cycle.

<p><strong>Enhanced safety and efficiency</strong></p>

Enhanced safety and efficiency

Our program ensures that all improved safety measures are followed to avoid untimely accidents. Reliability and efficiency is our promise.

<p><strong>Overall cost reduction</strong></p>

Overall cost reduction

Regular conditioning of equipment restores optimum performance and lowers maintenance costs.

Central Ticketing System

At Maini Materials Movement, customers have multiple convenient avenues to register their complaints:

Call Us

Call on +91 99721-22884 to lodge your complaint directly with us.

Our customer service team is ready to assist you promptly and efficiently from Monday - Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Email Us

Drop us an email with the details of your concern to

 Our dedicated support staff will prioritize your concern and swiftly address it to ensure a solution.

Registering a complaint on our Website

Kindly follow the simple steps on our website and fill out your complaint form.

We value your feedback and will take immediate action to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Choose the method that suits you best, and rest assured that we're committed to resolving your concerns promptly.

Complaint Resolution Procedure


Our Helpdesk assigns a unique case number to each reported complaint for efficient tracking and management.


The details of the complaint will be promptly dispatched via email to the respective branch manager responsible for addressing the issue.


An experienced engineer will be swiftly deployed based on the nature and urgency of the complaint to provide on-site assistance and resolution.


The designated engineer will attend to the reported issue with expertise and diligence, aiming to resolve all the concerns at the earliest in an effective manner that leads to the customer's satisfaction.


Once the complaint has been successfully addressed, the engineer sends closure details via SMS or email to our dedicated customer care department.



Reach us on the following numbers 91- 99721 22884 (Jayasudha. K) / 91-80-43526565 / 91-80-43526555 for any spare and service-related queries. 

 * The helpdesk operates from 08:30 Hrs. to 17:00 Hrs, except on Sundays and Holidays.